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Fabric Sourcing & Inspection
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Fabric Sourcing & Inspection

$ 115.00

Fabric is the biggest expense you face in the garment industry. Streamline your fabric sourcing and learn the industry standard method for measuring fabric quality (Mills do NOT want you to know this!). This information – packed seminar provides details on fabric management including sourcing – what information to ask for, what to order, fabric cataloging, fabric quality assurance. You will participate in a virtual 4 Point Fabric Inspection.

What’s Included:

Video training in 3 parts = 96 total minutes
27 PowerPoint Slides in pdf format
Fabric resources & sourcing strategy: Search engines, List of USA Mills, Mill Offer Sheet
Request & cataloguing forms: Fiber Cheat Sheet, Fabric Quality Detail
4 Point fabric inspection demonstration: 4 Point Inspection Guidelines & Inspection Sheet

Raw Material Storage & Management Standards

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Product Development & Costing
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Product Development & Costing

$ 130.00

What to consider BEFORE you get started, how to to obtain the first prototypes cost effectively, and when to have additional samples made.  Also get familiar with electronic vs. manual pattern making, intro to fit, size range & ratios in the industry.  Understand the costs of manufacturing compared to retail prices, including which cost data is necessary and how to obtain it.  Example data provided, numerous cost scenarios explored, and what is included in “overhead”.

What’s Included:

Video training in 3 parts = 89 total minutes
27 PowerPoint Slides in pdf format
Bill of Materials & Cost Sheet template: the best available online
List of pattern makers: Bay Area & beyond
Marker Service Price List
Labor Price Quote Sheet
Non Disclosure Agreement Form
Bias Yield Chart

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Fit Strategy & Grading
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Fit Strategy

$ 70.00

Poor fit is the kiss of death to any apparel brand – especially online brands where customers lose patience. Determine your fit strategy early before developing patterns or creating new styles from poor fitting old styles. The fit process used by major brands broken down into actionable steps, achievable even by non – technical folks.

What’s Included:

Video training in one part = 35 minutes
Body Measurement Charts for Men & Women (taken from trusted major brands)
Grade Rule Charts generated from Body Measurement Charts

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Tech Pack

$ 95.00

Your Tech Pack is a critical guide for manufacturing and communicates your expectations and level of professionalism. This Tech Pack template is the most comprehensive available online, evolved over decades of commercial use. Companion video explains template functionality and where to get the information to complete an accurate tech pack.

What’s Included:
Video training in 1 part = 35 minutes

Editable Excel Template including pages:

  • Style Request
  • Photo Page
  • Construction
  • Pattern Face Card
  • BOM & Cost Sheet with built in Color Key
  • Label Page with Care Instruction Tool
  • Mini Marker Page
  • Approval for Samples
  • QA Page for Size Range Approval
  • Measurements with Grade Rule Chart
  • Revision History Page

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Domestic vs Offshore Production
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Domestic vs Offshore Production

$ 120.00

Explore your production options locally and offshore.  Understand the differences especially in capabilities.  This seminar compares domestic and imports including sourcing, labor & materials, requesting price quotes, minimums, scheduling / lead time, factory visits, social & environmental compliance, brand protection, culture & communication, shipping & customs, payment terms, and which product should NOT be made in the USA.


What’s Included:

Video Training in 4 parts = 150 minutes
Detailed Comparison Chart
Contractor Agreement Template (Domestic)
Code of Ethics Guide (Offshore)

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Home Lana Hogue & Quality Assurance
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Quality Standards & Assurance

$ 135.00

Learn how to foresee and prevent quality problems, including what to inspect for and how to quantify it.  This seminar provides detailed information on quality assurance vs. quality control, inspection documentation – examples & uses, measuring garments to spec, options for corrective action, AQL – statistical audits, and documentation to help create your brand’s Standards Manual.


What’s Included:

Video Training in 3 parts = 103 minutes
27 PowerPoint Slides in pdf format
Multilingual Inspection Checklist & Classification of Defects
Raw Material Handling Guide
Quality & Safety Standards Guide
How to Measure Guide Example
Approval Form Example
& other Standards examples

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Marker Efficiency
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Marker Efficiency & Approval

$ 60.00

Marker layout and efficiency basics for non-technical folks. Marker makers need to know the cuttable width and much more to make efficient layouts that don’t waste or ruin your precious fabric.  Most importantly, marker makers do NOT claim responsibility for a bad marker.  This seminar covers what to look for in order to approve with confidence, including marker vs pattern vs model rules, directional fabrics, plaid & stripe matching, shrinkage, cut ratios, mixed markers, fuse blocks, and industry best practices.  Bonus section on auto cutting.


What’s Included:

Video Training in 2 parts = 65 minutes
29 PowerPoint Slides in pdf Format
Marker Request Template & Marker Service Price List


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Purchase Order

$ 35.00

A Purchase Order is a legally binding document.  This PO template can be used for contracting with sewing factories or for purchasing raw materials.  Companion video explains the logic behind every function, description and date, and how to adapt it to your needs.


What’s Included:

Video training in 1 part = 21 minutes


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Ala carte Resources

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Northern California Contractor List

$ 40.00

Looking for a sewing contractor in the Bay Area and Northern California – They are hard to find. Garment Industry 411 has done the leg-work for you. Here is the the pre-vetted list of who is sewing commercially in Northern California. Always ask your sewing factory for a current copy of their California Garment Registration!

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WIP Calendar

$ 25.00

A Work in Process Calendar is the foundation of tracking your products through development and production phases for on time completion.  Two different templates are provided with built in formulas that can be edited to reflect your unique business milestones and timing requirements.


Excel Templates  Included:

Domestic WIP Calendar by Style
Offshore Seasonal Calendar by Collection

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Vendor Agreements

$ 25.00

Excellent companion to Purchase Order:

Editable contracts in Word format to guide you in creating agreements with domestic and offshore factories on ownership of raw materials, right to inspect, labor law and minimum wage compliance, no child or forded labor, discrimination , harassment, corruption, environmental compliance, and safety standards.

* Note: Does not provide enforcement or consequences of non-conformance


What’s Included:

Domestic Contractor Agreement
Offshore Code of Ethics

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