Fabric Sourcing & Inspection
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Fabric Sourcing & Inspection

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Fabric is the biggest expense you face in the garment industry. Streamline your fabric sourcing and learn the industry standard method for measuring fabric quality (Mills do NOT want you to know this!). This information – packed seminar provides details on fabric management including sourcing – what information to ask for, what to order, fabric cataloging, fabric quality assurance. You will participate in a virtual 4 Point Fabric Inspection.

What’s Included:

Video training in 3 parts = 96 total minutes
27 PowerPoint Slides in pdf format
Fabric resources & sourcing strategy: Search engines, List of USA Mills, Mill Offer Sheet
Request & cataloguing forms: Fiber Cheat Sheet, Fabric Quality Detail
4 Point fabric inspection demonstration: 4 Point Inspection Guidelines & Inspection Sheet

Raw Material Storage & Management Standards

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