Coaching & Private Consulting


For Garment Industry 411 Full Suite alumni or private consultation clients: a group forum for getting answers to your submitted questions every week.  You’ll receive your own login and get to see all questions submitted by the group. Lana’s answers posted weekly.  This is an ideal format if you’re not even sure of what to ask or just need to conquer the week’s obstacles to keep moving forward.

Monthly membership $150 / One Year $1500 15% discount

Private Consultation

In a hurry and can’t take the seminar series, or took classes and still have questions?  Or maybe you just need help getting unstuck.  A private meeting with Lana Hogue can propel you forward and tackle the unique challenges of your business.  This is the only option that offers recommendations of raw material or service providers. A two hour consultation is usually followed by a detailed resource email.  Virtual meeting options available.

First 2 hour private consultation $450 / Follow-up consultation $200/hour

Career Counseling

Whether you are about to graduate high school, or changing careers late in life, an hour consultation will provide some powerful insight. Make career decisions with knowledge on positions and pay scales in the industry, how folks usually get where you want to go, and what your dream job is even called.  Virtual meeting options available.

1 hour private consultation $275

Corporate Training

Staff need an overview on the industry or a factory tour?  Need more specific training for production managers, quality assurance specialists or technical designers?  Or perhaps you need oversight for implementing a project based on any of the seminar series topics.  I can provide training at a high ”general” level, or at a very granular “technical” level, and anywhere in-between.

Virtual options available.  Rates quoted by project.  Contact Lana Hogue

Lana Hogue has guided hundreds of start up brands and numerous established premium brands