About Lana Hogue

I’m seriously addicted…

to helping new businesses grow exponentially, and large companies fine tune their processes into a well oiled machine, while working ethically with their business partners.  The energy investment is high but the payoff is so rewarding (and cheaper than counseling!). After 15 years of working with sewing factories in the US and offshore, producing for many different brands (including my own), I set about capturing my industry knowledge to share with others.  That was over 20 years ago.  Now these seminars are available as on-demand videos. I’ve been told many times that I give away too much for the price.  But like I said, I’m addicted!

I began sewing at age 8, and turned it into a business by age 14.  At age 19, I realized that changing my approach could change my business from a lot of work into a lot more money.  You don’t have to sew at all to be successful with a sewn-products business.  I can help you start or expand your business.  I won’t front – it’s a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding.

Out of necessity (I was a single mom) and out of love for the diverse people and their culture, I never stopped working for garment companies – from tiny start-ups to $15 billion in sales.  I’ve held over a dozen full time positions: Designer, Seamstress, Patternmaker, Quality Inspector, Production Manager, Sourcing Agent, Technical Expert, Operations Manager, IT Business Analyst, Director of Product Development & Production, and Supply Chain Director.  I can provide career counseling if you’re considering a future in this industry.  You can see my full background on LinkedIn

Aside from my day jobs, I also served as a consultant and educator to hundreds of companies on topics from start-up prototyping to global supply chain expansion.  I’m experienced in every product category including mens, womens, childrens, swimwear, lingerie, technical outerwear, active sports, casual streetwear, tailored suits & coats, special occasion dresses, bags & packs, footwear, hosiery, home fashions, uniforms, and full fashion knit sweaters.  I’m honored to have partnered with huge factories employing thousands of workers using state-of-the-art technology, as well as small communities of artisans using centuries-old hand crafting techniques.  Every business faces unique challenges – that’s the best part!

I live in beautiful Oakland, California.  And I have two kind and amazing grown sons.  My career and life choices brought me the opportunity to be immersed in Latin American and Asian cultures.  I speak fluent Spanish and semi-fluent Cantonese. And, while I have a lot of hobbies & interests, I really love teaching what I know.

Lana Hogue has guided hundreds of start up brands and numerous established premium brands