stharridanLana Hogue has been a tremendous asset to Saint Harridan. There are consultants who know the ins and outs of the garment industry. They are rare and valuable. But, Lana is heads and shoulders above even the best of those. She doesn’t simply know the industry. Give her a garment idea – doesn’t matter the fabric, weave, whether it’s for children, men, women – or an accessory. Lana can tell you where and how it should be made, including names and contact information for anyone who should be involved in the process – from idea to sourcing materials, to pattern-making, to grading, to factory sourcing, and even quality control and freight forwarding. I’m telling you, she’s the best! She even follows changes in tariff and trade laws! Take her classes, or hire her as a consultant. Lana Hogue is the best investment you can make in your fashion company.

Mary Going
St. Harridan



I have known and have been working with Lana for more than 5 years now. She is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts in the SF Bay Area fashion industry. I attended her Garment Industry 411 classes and also pursued her consulting services on many occasions to ensure the launch of my business was well thought out, in alignment with common operation and production practices. She is one of the strongest mentors I have ever worked with and I wholeheartedly endorse her.

Kaersten Cooper
Founder & Designer, MARGE Clothing, LLC



jasonyipLana Hogue, through her Garment Industry 411 workshops and private consulting, has helped me efficiently develop an idea into a product and finally launch a brand. Lana’s experience and network are invaluable to manufacturing clothing in California and Asia. Most importantly, Lana is a pleasure to work with, always helpful and willing to offer her wealth of knowledge at any point along the journey.

Jason Yip
State Apparel



unnamedLana Hogue has been an empowering mentor, she has helped shape and direct me while navigating my way through the fashion industry. Taking her classes has helped to improve my knowledge and understanding of such a vast and diverse industry. Her hands on experience and advice have truly helped me with making business decisions for my own brand. I would highly recommend for anyone interested in starting a business to participate in her seminars. The knowledge and points she touches on have been amazingly beneficial to growing my own fashion line. Thank you for all of your guidance, Lana.


Joshua Reno
Majesty Black



s.bertrandLana Hogue is gold. She is SF’s guru for apparel manufacturing both domestically and overseas. If you want to start your own line, manufacture and sell products, you must meet Lana and take her classes before doing anything else. The Garment Industry 411 monthly class is all you need. The knowledge you’ll gain from her classes will save you time, money, and stress. She will coach you on how to build a solid relationship with factories, source material, find vendors and tell you exactly what’s required to protect yourself. She is very generous and shares all of her documents and resources to develop you product with factories. Lana will save you and your business, especially if you are confused on how to move forward in what ever stage you are in. I highly recommend taking her full course and also consult with her privately for one-on-one time to get very detailed feedback and recommendations that are very specific to your needs.

I personally would not have been able to start àplat without Lana. The timing was perfect!

I walked into a factory asking all the wrong questions and so the factory owner passed me a scratch piece of paper with Lana’s name and website on it. The owner said, “talk to her first then come back to see me about making your product…” And so it was the first thing I did. It took me exactly 6 months from product concept to market (in stores) all thanks to Lana.

Shujan Bertrand
àplat inc.